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Jeff & Audrey 2nd Interview on WKZE (2004)
Mirabai's owners Audrey & Jeff speak with Sally Spillane in a new interview on WKZE's "People are Talking" (2004)

Couples Counselor Dr. Ray Bergen
Talking about his "Hero & Goddess" program for real love

Eugene Schwartz
The Waldorf Teacher discusses media and kids.

Elliott Landy
The legendary Woodstock phtographer waxes his spirituality.

Clark Strand
The former Zen-master talk about meditation in the West.

Sally Fallon
This nutrition researcher blows the lid off modern dietary concepts.

Jeff Cohen
F.A.I.R. founder talks about media deception.

Jeff & Audrey on WKZE 2003
Mirabai's owners Audrey & Jeff speak of books, workshops and how they got to Woodstock on WKZE's "People are Talking" with Sally Spillane.

Our New World
The horrendous events of September 11th have taken their toll on all of us. It has taken nearly a month before we could compose our thoughts. Like the rest of the world, we've been looking for answers. How could this happen? Who is responsible? How can we prevent an attack like this from happening again? Everyone seems to be searching for answers, but the truth is there really are no simple "answers" to any of these questions...

Agriculture, Local or Organic
The New York Times Magazine recently ran a cover story that exposed the lack of integrity in the newly, government-legislated “organic” standard for agriculture. In the piece, the author states that instead of choosing food that is certified organic, he’s taken to purchasing his foods from local farms, which, in many cases are not certified organic, but, in actuality, are cleaner than many farms that are...

Being a Man in the Aquarian Age
As we move into the Aquarian Age, we are presented with the fascinating phenomena of men adjusting to life in a time that is represented by the female, energetically speaking. This shift ? from a patriarchal to matriarchal era?...

The Energetic Paradigm
let's look the question of what's best to eat. Judging by the bulging of the American population, along with the declining quality of health of people and the land, our cultural relationship could be described as "dysfunctional". The evidence lies in the intensity and polarization of the debate. Vegan versus Atkins, and so on...

The Power of Rhythmic Entrainment
Do you believe that you are what you eat? Judging by how often that phrase is spoken it seems to be a generally accepted notion. If, indeed, we are what we eat, what does that really mean and how can we understand it in a way that can be practically applied to one’s life? The answer lies in the concept of Rhythmic Entrainment (say what?).

Parenting as a Meditation
When my daughter arrived here five short years ago, she chose to make her entry into this life through a home birth, right here in Woodstock. It was the most spiritually enriching experience moment of my life.

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