Thu, March 02, 2017. 11 am - 4 pm
NEW ONGOING: Private Crystal Bed Healing Sessions
with energy healer Amrita Eiehm (by appointment)
Crystals are powerful tools that can cleanse, recharge, protect and calm. The Crystal Bed amplifies these effects, realigning, balancing and synchronizing the chakras to support spiritual and physical healing. The bed is a healing modality that was channeled in Brazil by John of God at his healing center utilizing seven vogel cut crystals each aligned with a different chakra center, radiating light and energy in specific rhythms. Blessed personally by John of God, this Crystal Bed refocuses the mind and restores clear thinking, creativity, self motivation and elevated health. Amrita received training with John of God for many years at his Casa in Abadiania, Brazil and obtained his blessing to connect clients in the US to the healing spirt guides at the Casa.

Cost: $75 for one hour session.

Teacher Bio: Amrita has studied Raja Yoga and Sound Healing for over 27 years and has been part of the John of God Healing Center in Brazil for over 11 years, mentored and blessed to carry on this wonderful and enlightened work wherever she is. She has been initiated into Shamanism by the Shamans of Peru and has studied Tibetan Buddhism at the Nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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