Sun, April 30, 2017. Noon - 6 pm
Private Feather Energy Healing Sessions
with Bern Richards (by appointment)
Feathers are natural conductors for energy work. Some "feather sweeping" sounds have transported individuals into past life memories and often instantaneous healing. In the quietude and tranquil moments, feather healing work enhances all healing practices, assists in preparation for allopathic methods, quiets and calms the nervous system. Incorporating drums, rattles, and chant in a creative visualization journey, all chakra centers are reopened, thus re-aligning the whole body.

Cost: $75 for hour session

Teacher Bio: Bern Richards is a feathersmith, intuitive and energy worker. Bern utilizes feathers and bead work in his crafting of Native American art, which allows the earth mother and sky world to bridge the beauty of his craftwork.

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