Wed, May 31, 2017. 6 pm - 8 pm
Ho'oponopono: the Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness
A Workshop with Kristine Flones
You are invited to join in the experience of vast openness and freedom brought about by Ho'oponopono. We will dive deeply into our hearts to investigate and experience these four simple steps to peace and rest. Ho'oponopono can be used anywhere, anytime, to release stress, heal relationships gone awry, come to terms with those who have passed, address personal issues, physical pain - anything that causes you stress, unhappiness, or tension. In the supportive energy of the Mirabai sacred space and our group intention, we will relax into the heart of the great divine within ourselves. From that sacredness we let go and forgive all. In these four steps we clear the old debris which obscures the happiness which is our natural state. This gathering supports all levels of familiarity with Ho'oponopono and all who are called to it. Aloha.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by May 29th; $25 if registering after the 29th.

Teacher Bio: In the Cave of the Heart can be found the Self, that Presence which precedes all and continues eternally. This effulgent ever-present reality is the Source for all healing and true happiness. Kristine assists in finding the way to your own beautiful Heart Cave and its inherent joy and healing potential. Her training includes homeopathy with world renowned healer and teachers, Robin Murphy N.D. and Kim Kalian, CHom. Kristine’s background and certifications include hereditary shamanism, a 4 year program in non-ordinary consciousness for healing (Center for Sacred Studies), Maitri Holotropic Breathwork, Polarity (APP), as well as Yuen Chinese Energetics, Matrix Energetics and Reiki. She is the originator of The Rose Meditation, a sensuous opening of the heart chakra. The most recent additions to her toolbox include Universal Healing through Inspiring Homeopathy and Morphic Awakening. She was co-leader with Joy Hopkins-Hausman of retreats (2002-06) for women with or recovering from Breast Cancer in Ontario, Canada, on-going ceremonies, circles and workshops for meditation and consciousness (2000-present). As a wildlife rehabilitator (’99—2014), Kristine was a Founder and Director (’00—06) of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center. She has taught introductory and intermediate courses in homeopathy for Wildlife Rehabilitators in New York City, at the New York State Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Conference and locally in Woodstock, NY.

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