Sat, June 03, 2017. 2 pm - 4 pm
Midlife is Not a Crisis: Using Astrology to Thrive as We Age
A Workshop with author Virginia Bell
Just as there are power places in the world sacred locations such as Glastonbury, Machu Picchu and Sedona that are said to vibrate to a higher frequency and accelerate transformation there are also power years: Saturn Return at 29, Midlife which peaks at 42, The Chiron Return at 50, the Second Saturn Return at 58, the Uranus Square at 62, and the Uranus Return at 84. These cycles or power years are the great turning points in life. At each junction there are challenges, lessons and losses; in this we have no choice. Our freedom lies in how we respond - consciously or unconsciously, with fear or with love. Midlife is not a crisis, it is the process of becoming whole. The workshop will include an explanation of each of the cycles with examples and stories. Questions are encouraged.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by June 1st; $25 if registering after the 1st.

Teacher Bio: Virginia Bell has been a full-time astrologer and writer since the 1990s. She is based in New York City and currently writes a horoscope column and celebrity profiles for the CBS magazine, Watch!. Shes a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has written astrology columns for magazines and websites such as Refinery29, TV Guide, US Weekly and Die Welt (the German publication). Virginia has her sun and moon in Taurus and Virgo rising. To learn more visit

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