Sat, September 16, 2017. 11 am - 7 pm
Private Energetic Body Readings: A Shaman’s View Energy Assessments
with Rebecca Singer (by appointment)
Your Energetic Body contains a wealth of information. This includes ancestral strengths and vulnerabilities, belief systems transmitted to you through family. your soul's path, your general health, and where your energy cannot flow and the root of the stuck energy. In an hour reading, you will sit or lie on a massage table, and without touching you, I will "read" the energy surrounding you. I will share the information with you, and we will discuss what actions might help to balance and maintain a healthy energetic flow in and around you.

Cost: $75 for one hour session.

Teacher Bio: Rebecca has worked internationally for over 25 years. Her Shamanic path began as a child, and her teachers have included 13 years of work with a Lakota healer, 5 years of assistance from a Costa Rican Shaman, and the women shaman of The Reindeer People in Mongolia, with whom she lived. Rebecca has led workshops and Ceremonies in Costa Rica, throughout the US, Trinidad, and Canada.

She believes you are your own best healer, that you were born with unique gifts to contribute to this lifetime, and that with assistance you can become the full expression of those gifts. She is honored and very happy to provide such assistance.

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