Sun, September 24, 2017. 2 pm - 5 pm
The Yoga of Journaling
A Workshop with yoga teacher and writer Patricia Laufer
In Sanskrit the word Yoga translates as union or connection. Yoga is a system of techniques that include meditation, breath work, study of philosophies, and physical movement, all meant to help us feel more connected to ourselves, to others and to that which is beyond us. Yoga is the word for both the vehicle and the destination, how we connect and the connection itself. In this spacious workshop we will practice yoga (gentle chair stretches, breath work and meditation) and experience different journaling techniques to explore and support our connection to our deepest selves. Patricia has been journaling for 25 years and has found the practice transformational. She has used it as a way to quiet the mind, explore desire, and shape her life. Please bring a journal or some paper and your favorite pen.

Cost: $25 if registered and prepaid by Sept. 22nd; $30 if registering after the 22nd.

Teacher Bio: Patricia began her search for purpose fifteen years ago, working with men and women coming home from prison. In 2011 she became a full time yoga teacher and began her journey into energy healing at Mirabai, in one of Judy Wyman's workshops. She has since trained in Reiki and One Light Healing Touch. She is currently studying with Lindsay McGowen, a master intuitive and telepath, and is in training to fully awaken her multi-dimensional blueprint by accessing her telepathic ability.

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