Sun, July 08, 2018. 2 pm - 5 pm
Poetry in Stone: Cairns of Woodstock Walking Tour
An Outdoor Workshop with Evan Pritchard, Glenn Kreisberg and David Holden
Join Evan Pritchard in a workshop and walking tour exploring cairns and their possible poetic connotations in a Native American context, focusing on the Woodstock area. We will carpool to the Lewis Hollow site where we will be joined by outdoorsmen Glenn Kreisberg and David Holden, both of the Overlook Mountain Center, to explore the Great Cairns. These three are among the nation's foremost cairn enthusiasts and will share their passion for these ancient stone constructions as they guide us around the "Great Cairn" site, a rare opportunity. Please wear footwear appropriate for rocky terrain and carry water. You may want to use bug spray.

Cost: $30 if registered and prepaid by July 6th; $40 if registering after the 6th.

Teacher Bio: Evan Pritchard is best known for his appearances on The History Channel and is the on-screen narrator for the groundbreaking documentary film about cairns called Hidden Landscapes by Ted Timreck. Founder of the Center for Algonquin Culture, Evan wrote about the use of stones in his 1997 classic No Word For Time, and about solar alignments in our state in his 2002 book Native New Yorkers, setting the groundwork for his later explorations of The Montauk-Hammonassett Line, a great alignment that runs from Montauk, through Lewis Hollow, on towards Manitoulin Island. He lectured at NEARA in 2002 on local cairns, and has lectured jointly with Glenn Kreisberg on several occasions since then. Evan has co-led tours with David Holden at other sites. This tour celebrates Glenn's new book Spirits in Stone (available at Mirabai) to which all three contributed.

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