Thu, August 16, 2018. 6 pm - 8 pm
Evening with the Afterlife
Group message circle with psychic medium Adam Bernstein
Join us this evening and connect with those who have crossed over and would like to bring you messages about your new cycle. A teacher and practitioner of Evidential Style Mediumship, Adam is able to connect with the Spirit world and bring through factual information and messages to audience members from those on the other side. He works through a vibration of positivity and love to ensure safety and uplifting experiences – a discovery that true love never dies.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by Aug. 14th; $25 if registering after the 14th.

Teacher Bio: Adam Bernstein is a Medium and Clairvoyant with an international following. His path as a psychic and medium began at the early age of 4. Adam has been working as a psychic for 20 years and has an extensive background in martial arts and yoga that has earned him the nickname ‘psychic yogi’. He's received advanced training in Mediumship/Channeling in Lily Dale, NY and with international Author/Medium Sharon Anne Klingler. Adam is now teaching workshops on psychic development and mediumship at Lily Dale as well as various places along the east coast. He is the co-founder and charter member of the International Medium's League and has been featured in the book Psychic Ne*w York. He has also worked with Court TV's Psychic Detectives. Find out more by logging on to

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