Mon, November 12, 2018. 6 pm - 7:30 pm
Rhythmic Healing Drum Circle
with shamanic healer Al Romao
When we, as a community, drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships for the positive. As we play together, we give ourselves an emotional release and a healing. The release and healing is different for every person that is in the rhythm circle. All the participants bring and play drums, rattles, flutes or whatever type of instrument you wish and while we are collaboratively playing, the spirit of the drum brings forth healing energy to the group. People of all levels of musical expertise are welcome. Please bring any kind of hand drum or rattle (drums will not be supplied). Please call ahead as space is limited.

Cost: $10

Teacher Bio: Al Romao is a self-taught percussionist that has been playing and performing percussion for 20 years. He has a strong connection to rhythm and the vibrations sound can make to assist in healing and meditation. Al has been studying and practicing Shamanism for over ten years and has studied with medicine men and women in Central and South America and has also completed many programs for Shamanic training here in the United States. Al also sees clients on a one on one basis for Shamanic Healing, sound healing and counseling.

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