Sun, September 23, 2018. 2 pm - 4 pm
Have Medicine Stories Foreshadowed Current World Events?
A Workshop with author Evan Pritchard
Viewed through the lens of Native American teachings, today’s explosive headlines take on new significance and meaning. In this workshop Evan will share a number of ancient teaching tales, or “medicine stories,” which speak to and illuminate the chaotic nature of today’s world events – and help us navigate these treacherous waters. Based on his book Native American Stories of the Sacred, Evan will explore the relevance of tales like “Cono, the World’s Greatest Gambler,” “How the Dogs Mixed Their Tails,” and “How Vulture Got His Black Coat”.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by Sept 21st; $25 if registering after the 21st.

Teacher Bio: Evan T. Pritchard, a descendant of the Mi'kmaq people, has taught Native American studies at Pace University, Vassar College, and Marist College and is the director of the Center for Algonquin Culture. Steeped in bird lore by his Mi'kmaq great aunt Helen Perley, he is the author of several books, including "Native New Yorkers" and "No Word for Time". A regular on radio shows such as NPR's "Fresh Air" and on the History Channel, he lives in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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