Sun, November 04, 2018. Noon - 6 pm
Private Sessions: 7 Veils Energy Balancing
With polarity therapist Meredith Narissi
These private sessions will use polarity therapy, physical touch and psycho-spiritual guidance to attain energetic healing at a deep level. Whether taken as a follow up to the group workshop on Saturday (and the issues raised there) or as a stand-alone healing, these therapy sessions will apply the wisdom of the 7 veils on an in-depth level geared specifically to the individualís unique issues and personal challenges. Meredith will listen with compassion, provide insightful wisdom and improve your energetic wellbeing, as she unravels and illuminates the veils of your sacred essence. Please call for available times and to book an appointment.

Cost: $40 for half hour session, $75 for hour session.

Teacher Bio: Meredith Zelman Narissi, M.S., P.T.P., is a Mystagogue: one who welcomes others into the knowledge of sacred mysteries. She is a mind-body polarity therapist, an international presenter, dancer, meditation/yoga instructor, and feature writer for magazines. Her new book 7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment is currently available. Play is serious business, and Meredith uses creative joy in her lectures, workshops, and retreats to share her message: " You are in the presence of love; the one love that exists for all." Her therapy practice combines insightful wisdom, with healing touch and compassionate listening. She lives in Long Island, N.Y. with her husband and two Persian cats. She loves to dance in the spiritual realm.

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