Sun, December 09, 2018. 2 pm - 4 pm
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
A Workshop with author Dr. John Beaulieu
In this hands on workshop Dr. Beaulieu will teach everyone how to use the BioSonic BodyTuner and Otto tuning forks for tuning their nervous system and joint mobility. Dr. Beaulieu will discuss the anatomy and science of how tuning forks work and each participant will learn the technique of sounding the tuning forks and have a direct experience of their effects. Special emphasis will be given to setting intention and sound healing based on Dr. Beaulieuís new book Sound Healing and Values Visualization. This workshop is for everyone interested in how to integrate evidence based sound healing practices in all aspects of their lives and professional practices.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by Dec 7th; $25 if registering after the 7th.

Teacher Bio: Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D, Ph.D. is an international authority on the uses of sound and music in the healing arts. He is the author of Music and Sound In The Healing Arts and Human Tuning. He is the clinical director of BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd. and a professor of Integrative Health.

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