Sat, June 22, 2019. 2 pm - --
In Celebration of Woodstock 50: Woodstock Vision
An Experiential Book Talk w/ Woodstock ‘69’s Official Photographer Elliott Landy
Woodstock wasn’t just a musical milestone, it was a singular utopian moment in history: 500,000 people in a loving space, experiencing inner peace amidst an energetically charged physical experience. Photojournalist Elliott Landy, who has chronicled the careers of Dylan, Joplin, The Band, Hendrix, Santana and Zappa (to name a few) as well as the original Woodstock festival, will join us here at Mirabai to discuss the spiritual component of that moment in time which he documented and experienced. In that moment, an extraordinary consciousness enveloped the Woodstock Nation – a realization of inner and outer directed harmony and peace. As Elliott’s book Woodstock Vision expounds in words and images, we will explore how this happened 50 years ago and how we all can still reach that same place through meditation and right thought. With that in mind, the talk will conclude with a meditation session where we will enter that deep quiet space. Note: Elliott will sign copies of Woodstock Vision following the talk. No registration, so first come, first seated.

Cost: Free

Teacher Bio: Elliott Landy, born in 1942, began photographing the anti-Vietnam War movement and the underground music culture in New York City in 1967. He photographed many of the underground rock and roll superstars, both backstage and onstage, from 1967 to 69. His images of Bob Dylan and The Band, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Joan Baez, Van Morrison, Richie Havens, and many others documented the music scene during that classic rock and roll period which culminated with the 1969 Woodstock Festival, of which he was the official photographer. After that, Elliott moved on to other inspirations and art forms, photographing his own children and travels, creating impressionist flower photographs and doing motion and kaleidoscopic photography in both still and film formats.

His photographs have been published worldwide for many years in all print mediums including covers of Rolling Stone, Life, The Saturday Evening Post, etc. and album covers, calendars, photographic book collections, etc. He has published Woodstock Vision, The Spirit of a Generation, in book and CD-ROM format, and authored the book Woodstock 69, The First Festival. He is currently publishing a series of limited edition lithographs of his classic of his classic rock photographs.

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