Fri, December 13, 2019. 6 pm - 8 pm
The Sixties Resurrected: Astrological Aspects of the 2020’s
A Workshop with astrologer Alexander Mallon
Join us this Friday the 13th (an auspicious date!) as we discuss the New Year and the new age of the 2020’s, as viewed through the lens of Astrology. This year marks the powerful quantum leap of ‘new thought’ and time acceleration, the unfolding of a new consciousness that we have long-awaited these past decades. Now we turn our attention back to the Aquarian Age and the promise of the freedom of the individual spirit. Indeed, the major cycle experienced in the sixties is about to be resurrected as we enter the twenties. This workshop examines our individual spiritual focus for this pivotal decade. Attendees will have their personal charts reviewed, and have us each ‘zero-in’ on our own personal awakening!

Please note that Alexander will also be on hand at Mirabai the next day, on Saturday, Dec. 14th for private astrological readings.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by Dec 11th; $25 if registering after the 11th.

Teacher Bio: Alexander Mallon has been a professional astrologer, counselor, and spiritual therapist for over thirty years. He has been a pioneer in combining astrological practice with the fields of psychotherapy and healing, providing counseling services to clients as well as training to traditional counselors and therapists in astro-mythology.

He holds a degree in Art Therapy from C.W. Post University, L.I.U., and a Certification of Astrological Study from the Astrological Research Center of New York. Alexander has also received training at the Hartford Family Institute in Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy.

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