Wed, March 11, 2020. Noon - 6 pm
Individual Oneness Blessings (by appt.)
Facilitated by Kathy Saulino
The Fall Equinox is a time to refresh and find balance. It’s also a time to gather and harvest the energies we’ve been sewing the prior three seasons of the year. With that in mind, the Oneness Blessing, also known as “Deeksha” is a direct transfer of divine intelligent energy. The Deeksha process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain, and awakening the body’s energy centers (chakras). This shift in consciousness creates freedom from the suffering of the mind, balances the body's natural health and healing energies and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of separation. The Blessing takes just a few minutes. Kathy can also address any questions regarding the finer points of living in Oneness.

Cost: Free, but please call to schedule appointment. Each appointment lasts 15 minutes.

Teacher Bio: Kathy Saulino has been a Oneness Blessing Giver since 2010. Her personal approach to spirituality and healing is that accessing both is part of our natural process as living beings. Her goal is to teach people the simplest method to apply this process through energy work. There is a part of us that remembers how to do this. Kathy is adept is supporting people through the process of reawakening this knowledge and applying in ways that elevate our daily living in joy.

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