Sun, April 05, 2020. 2 pm - 4 pm
Every Day’s a Vision Quest: Applying Algonquin Vision Quest Teachings to Daily Life
A Workshop with author Evan Pritchard (Native New Yorkers)
Based on his book Following the Spirit: How (Not) to Go on a Vision Quest, author Evan Pritchard will discuss many of the teachings associated with the Vision Quest ordeal/fasting traditions of the Algonquins of the Hudson Valley. In this experiential workshop, we will focus on insights and practices useful to all seekers - even those who can’t go on a formal quest, but who seek visions on their direction in life. Among the topics to be examined are the importance of determination, the issues of fasting and isolation, dealing with negative thoughts, looking for signs in nature, seeking one’s mission in life, finding and establishing a time for prayer, meditation and self-evaluation, how to create respite periods from technology and how to follow spirit. We will also discuss the “ordeal” of everyday life and how great challenges can become self-initiatory. Bring your questions and insights, as well as experiences with Vision Quests from all traditions.

Cost: $20 if registered and prepaid by Apr 3rd; $25 if registering after the 3rd.

Teacher Bio: Evan T. Pritchard, a descendant of the Mi'kmaq people, has taught Native American studies at Pace University, Vassar College, and Marist College and is the director of the Center for Algonquin Culture. Steeped in bird lore by his Mi'kmaq great aunt Helen Perley, he is the author of several books, including "Native New Yorkers" and "No Word for Time". A regular on radio shows such as NPR's "Fresh Air" and on the History Channel, he lives in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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