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Wed, February 05, 2020. Noon - 6 pm
Private Karmic Clearing and Shamanic Reiki Sessions
with Shamanic Healer Jenn Bergeron (by appointment)
KARMIC CLEARING is based upon the ancient Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval. In a guided meditation/shamanic healing we will access any and all contracts in your Akashic Records that do not serve the highest good of all. We will identify, clear, and void these contracts, upgrading and updating your mind body spirit so that your soul may evolve and your spirit may return. When the soul comes fully back home to your body, your spirit and inner light grow strong. You feel content. Your passion and purpose for life returns.

SHAMANIC REIKI blends two ancient healing traditions, combining Reikiís capacity to focus the bodyís healing energy and Shamanic Healingís access to the energy and wisdom generated by nature and the spirit realm. Itís a very powerful and transformative merging of modalities, using both universal and earth based energy to cleanse and restore balance within the spiritual luminous body. Jenn uses feathers, rattles, and various sacred objects to cleanse and clear your energy and bring you into balance and harmony.

Cost: $40 for half hour session; $75 for one hour session.

Teacher Bio: Jenn Bergeron is an ordained minister, shamanic reiki practitioner, and a Master (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. She has studied under several shamans and energy healers for the past ten years developing her own healing style. She also trained at Institute of Holistic Studies at Western Connecticut State University and from the NLP Center of New York. Her work is inspired by an infinite compassion for human beings and her genuine understanding of suffering.

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