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Fri, February 07, 2020. 11:30 am - 4:30 pm
Private Angelic Channeling and Past Life Regression Sessions
with Angelic Channel and Therapist Margaret Doner (by appointment)
PRIVATE ANGELIC CHANNELING sessions give you the opportunity to dialog and ask questions directly to the angelic realm and other spirit entities. Receive in-depth information on your unique soulís purpose, karmic history and assistance in accessing your Higher Self.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION recovers memories of past lives, a process that assists you in uncovering the karma and motivations that guide your present life in order to heal past wounds and better understand your lifeís purpose. Margaret studied with Roger Woolger, Ph.D. and has been facilitating past life regressions since 1996.

Cost: $125 for 90 minute session

Teacher Bio: Margaret Doner, LMT was certified by Dr. Roger Woolger Ph.D. as a Past Life Regression Therapist in 1996. Since that time she has been also offering spiritual life coaching and angelic channeling. Her work combines hands-on healing, past life regression, spiritual coaching and angelic messages as well as assisting those who feel they are struggling with the challenges of psychic attack. It is Margaret's belief that every life challenge can be utilized as a ladder to release fear and ego attachment, increase wisdom and knowledge, and raise our vibrational frequency.

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