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Mon, February 10, 2020. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Shamanic Drum Circle
with shamanic healer and author Rebecca Singer (Singing Into Bone)
When we come together with intention, we can drum out to those in need of light, the impulse towards life, and the heartbeat of the world. In both Lakota traditions, and the spiritual beliefs in Siberian Shamanism, the drum is a messenger between worlds. We will create a circle, a hoop, with a different intention each month, to drum on behalf of All Our Relations. The drum is medicine, a vehicle used by shaman to journey, and for individuals to connect with the hoops of beings on our planet. Please bring a drum, arrive early enough to be settled and sitting in circle by 6:30pm. Note: Please call ahead to ensure a seat in the circle.

Cost: $10

Teacher Bio: Rebecca’s Shamanic path began as a child, and her teachers have included 13 years of work with a Lakota healer, 5 years of assistance from a Costa Rican Shaman, and the women shaman of The Reindeer People in Mongolia, with whom she lived. Rebecca has led workshops and Ceremonies in Costa Rica, throughout the US, Trinidad, and Canada for over 25 years. She believes you are your own best healer, that you were born with unique gifts to contribute to this lifetime, and that with assistance you can become the full expression of those gifts. She is honored and very happy to provide such assistance.

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