Online Group Workshops

How to Register

Click the "Register and Pay" link listed below each Workshop you want to attend. This will enable you to pay online either through your PayPal account OR your credit or debit card. If you're registering for multiple workshops, register and pay for each, one at a time.

Deadline for registration is 6PM (Eastern time) on the day prior to the workshop.

Once we receive your registration and payment we will email you an invitation with a link to the Zoom event. You will receive this link no later than 9AM on the day of the workshop.
Mirabai's workshop schedule is now entering its 20th year. These gatherings allow us to put forth wisdom, experience powerful ceremony, discuss feelings and raise consciousness. In a word, they are transformative.

As we come to terms with Covid-19, Mirabai is shifting the way this knowledge and experience is transmitted. Until small group gatherings are deemed safe again, we will be conducting our workshops online via Zoom.


No events currently scheduled. Check back soon please.